Feb 07 2017

Who enjoys more sex men or women?

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In my experience, women love sex just as much as men do.
So why would women refuse casual sex? Well, let's count the reasons:
  • Women tend, on average, to need more warmup and more time if they are going to have an enjoyable experience than men do. A guy can have a random sexual encounter and it will probably be pleasurable for him. A woman is more likely to have a sexual encounter that is not pleasurable for her.


  • Women who have casual sex are shamed and berated. They're called names like "slut" or "tramp" or "whore." They are told that if they are open about their sexuality, they are inferior human beings.
  • Women are more likely to be sexually assaulted than men. Worse, they are told that they, not the rapist, are responsible for it. Don't drink, don't wear revealing clothes, don't go back to his house, don't be sexually provocative, don't advertise your sexuality...well, what did you expect, you filthy slut? With messages like that, it's not surprising that women are cautious about acing sex.
  • Women are at higher risk of violence generally--not just sexual assault but non-sexual violence--than men are.
Want to know something amazing though? Hang on, this will blow your socks off. If you, as a man, can overcome these impediments--if you establish a reputation as a safe, sex-positive, considerate, compassionate person and you socialize in sex-positive circles--you will find that women are just as likely to be interested in casual sex as men are.