Oct 25 2016

How to Be Sexy for Your Boyfriend: Awake the Passion

Once we get comfortable in a relationship, the sex tends to die down a bit, and let’s be honest ladies, we stop trying as hard to please our man. Sure, we want him to find us attractive, but it just seems like a lot of work to go through all the trouble we used to since he’s already ours, doesn’t it?
Whether you realize it or not, you still need to know how to be sexy for your boyfriend once in a while. Of course he loves you for who you are, and he thinks you’re beautiful even when your hair is in rollers and you’re wearing that beautifying gunk on your face…but it isn’t really enough.
Your man does a lot for you, so why not show him that you still think he’s sexy by being the sexy woman you used to be?
1. Fix your hair


We all do it. We get comfortable in a relationship and the first thing to go is our hairstyle. Do you remember when you used to spend hours getting your hair just right for your guy? When did that stop? I imagine that ended somewhere around the time you became comfortable with each other.
Surprise your guy by refreshing your hair! Get a new haircut, or put some highlights in it. If nothing else, at least try to fix it up like you used to. Believe me, he’ll notice.
2. Wear lipstick
Did you know that, on a subconscious level, lipstick makes men think of having sex? That’s right, and it makes sense really. That is also the reason women wear lipstick…in order to make men think of having sex with them. Put on some flattering red lipstick or a little bit of shiny gloss and lick your lips when he looks at you. It’s hard not to be sexy when you’re wearing lipstick.
3. Put on some mascara
In the world of make-up, another quick sexy fixer upper is mascara! Any time you’re feeling less than your best self, the combination of lipstick and mascara will enhance your most ogled features and you will instantly feel more attractive. Also, you’ll look sexier with your eyes and your lips highlighted.
4. Wear low cut tops
Most men are drawn to breasts. Come on ladies, who can blame them? Look at your own, aren’t they awesome?! They’re soft and round and fun to play with…of course he likes them! It’s always a great idea to use your breasts to their sexiest advantage.
Wear a very supporting bra and a low cut top so your boyfriend gets a good glimpse of your cleavage. In fact, every time you get the chance, stand close to him and lean in a bit so he gets a very good view of your attractive assets.
5. Put on your best jeans or skirt
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Some men prefer jeans, others prefer skirts. Either way, the point of this is to wear whatever he thinks is sexiest on you. Does he have a favorite dress he likes to see you in? Does he prefer your tight skinny jeans or your ripped concert jeans? That low cut top with his favorite bottom is a combination designed to make his jaw drop!
6. Flirt with your man
What’s the point of looking this good if you’re not going to show your guy how sexy you really are? I bet it’s been a long time since you’ve flirted with your man, so why not take the opportunity now? Gently touch his arm while you talk to him, laugh sweetly at his jokes, and run your fingers at the nape of his neck. There’s no way he’ll miss these sexy displays.
7. Smile seductively
Even if you and your man are standing across the room from each other, you can still flirt. Smile at everyone in the room, laugh and be polite, but when you and your boyfriend make eye contact, throw him a sexy and seductive smile that’s meant only for him. I guarantee he won’t notice anything else in the room (and he’ll try to find an excuse to get you home alone as quickly as possible!).
8. Communicate with your eyes
Don’t forget to use your eyes! Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your guy will be able to tell when you have a lustful look in your eyes. Give him that “come here” stare, or as you’re smiling seductively at him from across the room, toss him a sexy wink as well! Let your eyes do all the talking for you.
9. Buy a new nightie


Men are visual creatures and sometimes looking sexy for your man means looking sexy for yourself as well. Don’t go to bed in your sweatpants and an old t-shirt tonight, go out and buy yourself a flattering nightie instead. You can wear a night gown or a leather camisole, whatever you feel is sexy is what you should put on for him. If you can’t find a nightie you like, wear a long dress slip (they double as a sexy gown).
10. Have self-confidence
Finally, the best way to be sexy for your boyfriend is to have self-confidence. Nothing you do physically will make you sexy unless you honestly believe that you are! Trust me, you are sexy! If you weren’t sexy and if you weren’t everything your boyfriend desires, then he wouldn’t be with you.
Be confident in your ability to seduce your guy and all of your visual efforts will pay off. Believe in yourself. Sexiness isn’t about a great figure or perfect legs, sexiness is about confidence and knowing your own worth.